Top Best 5 Tips on Choosing the WordPress Finest Hand-Picked Plugins 2016


Searching for a shopping cart? Facing difficulty settling between two shopping carts despite understanding the fact that they are implemented in distinct languages? This point is a never ending puzzle; for one dealing on WordPress. As there are a plenty of shopping carts available in the WordPress Market today, it can be truly challenging reaching the verdict which shopping cart would ultimately occur to be the absolute for you. Picking a WordPress plugin is a hassling process.

Hence before picking a WordPress plugin, you should consider many parameters, and you should be well prepared to ensure the site's functionality. Replacing a WordPress plugin is or might be a cumbersome action. The plugin might also risk the safety of your WordPress base or even breaks it.

WordPress Plugin - The Download

It is always recommended, and you must download the WordPress plugin from the authorized directory of WordPress plugins. Over 20 thousand plugins are available in the WordPress directory. When you download a WordPress plugin from the directory, make sure that the plugin you chose to install on your WordPress is on the level. Every day from the WordPress plugin directory, thousands of plugins gets downloaded so if there is something is not working with any one of the plugins, people complaints, and the problem gets fixed.

Downloading the WordPress plugin from the WordPress directory for plugins you automatically receive the notification when an update is available for the plugin and it is also very simple to update the plugin preventing the website to suffer the downtime.

Only and only if the plugin is paid for WordPress you need to download it from a third party site and that also when the plugin is only available on that website. You can also take help from WordPress Development Company to download and configure the verified plugins that best suits your website.

WordPress Plugin - Picking the Best one

Do notice that when you look for any plugin, several plugins are available which fit your requirement, thus selecting the appropriate plugin is tough. So when you are completely done with your requirement, start exploring the WordPress plugin directory, and pick 5 plugins which you find the best suit your needs and then use given below tips to choose the finest one.

#1 WordPress Plugins – The Download Count

The first most thing you need to see is that download count of the WordPress plugin. The stronger the download count, more the popular plugin is. A plugin grows into demand if it is well maintained, works as sponsored and just have few or no issue.

#2 WordPress Plugins – The Ratings

Ratings reflect the quality of WordPress plugin. A WordPress plugin with few or low ratings indicates you the plugin's weak image. A WordPress plugin which receives higher mass consent certainly receives an excellent score. It is advised to eliminate the plugin which has less than three stars, from your choice of plugins.

#3 WordPress Plugins - The Update

There might be a possibility that the plugin author further will not advance the plugin or in the long term, it might not function properly anymore. If you notice that a plugin doesn't get updated for more than a year, you can assume that it is not well maintained. If a plugin is not maintained for more than two years, this is an alert by the WordPress plugin directory. It is not a valid sign as if bugs get detected in this plugin; they might never get fixed.

#4 WordPress Plugins - The Version

A plugin gets outdated and does not work well with the latest versions of WordPress if no update is performed on the plugin. Although usually, WordPress plugin works fine on the most recent releases, the author never upgrades the plugin details to exhibit this.

#5 WordPress Plugins - The Support

For every WordPress plugin page, a ‘View Support Forums’ button is available. On clicking this, you'll find what users typically post feedback about the plugin, the complaints, and the flaw reports. Mostly the prominent and popular ones also have their forum pages, be sure you check them as well.  The forum also indicates if the author is active and responds to issues and feedback, and the author shows interest in the plugin updates and maintenance. You can take help or hire WordPress developer to get the right support for your website.


It is essential to see that if a WordPress plugin does not meet all the above conditions, it necessarily doesn't means the plugin is a bad option to go. It might happen that the plugin is new or necessarily the mass does not require it. Though from our expertise, the more popular one is, the more frequent updated one and the one with more feedback.