How to Secure your Magento Ecommerce Website?


Since Magento is one of the widely used eCommerce platforms, it comes under the highest number of attacks from hackers or spammers who may get inside your website to steal your customer's confidential information and conduct phishing campaigns. Today, most site owners prefer Magento eCommerce development for creating their website. Being a business owner, you must consider several significant things in order to safeguard your e-store.

Though Magento comes with a large number of security features, there is always more that can be performed to safeguard your website from hackers and other online attacks. Here some of the best tips to secure your Magento website:

Secure Your Local.xml File

Local.xml is an important file that comprises of several kinds of sensitive data that include the database credentials and encryption key. So, keeping local.xml file disclosed to the public can become a serious problem for your e-commerce website. In order to check out the visibility setting for your Magento Store's local.xml file, you should visit If your file is visible to the public, you can block the web access to the whole app directory. Or, you can change the file permissions for local.xml to 600(-rw).

Always Use a Strong Password

One of the easiest ways of safeguarding your Magento website from hackers is using a strong yet long password that must have at least 15 characters. Moreover, your password should be the combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. Avoid using your name, birthdate, friend’s name, etc. You can also use a password manager application in order to generate a secure password for your website. Besides, it is advised to change your password on a regular basis.

Upgrade Your Magento Store to Latest Stable Version

By using the latest version of Magento, you get the advanced security features offered for the e-commerce development. Run your website on latest Magento version will resolve all loopholes that make hackers attack your Magento store.

Always Use Most Recent Version of Your Operating System

Software upgrades don't only provide you with new features but also eliminate the security vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to use the current version of your operating system that will ensure that your work is secured for both Magento as well as the server software.

Choose a Good Hosting Provider

Always choose a secure hosting provider. Make sure that provider is reliable and secure. Moreover, do enough research about the hosting service and prior security attacks associated with it. Many hosting services might not be well prepared to prevent hacking attacks.

Don’t Save Your Password on Your Browser or Computer

It is the most basic consideration that you must be remembered. Never save you password on your PC or laptop in a plain text format. If you really need to store your password, then use a password manager application instead of saving it on your computer or browser. The password managers store passwords in an encrypted format which makes it difficult for the hackers to decrypt.

By following all these important tips, you will be able to secure your Magento website. If you are looking forward to create your ecommerce store, then always go with the reliable Magento Ecommerce development company.