5 WordPress Overlooked Features Which Can Make Your Website Unproductive


Are you ensured that with your writing skills and flawless design abilities you can make your WP blog the next big thing? Just featuring trending topics, finding impressive images and incorporating the social media will spread the word that you want to get the buzz.

Often, Small WordPress attribute casts big a shadow which is crucial for boosting the rankings of your posts or on the opposite, lose the benefit and remain unseen. Usually, it is all about overlooking opportunities that can leverage your high visibility on the search engines.

Here are some essential WP features which you shouldn't overlook:

XML Sitemap

As Google clearly indicates, sitemaps are directing the search engine for page crawling. Furthermore, missing a sitemap means that some of your site's pages can remain undiscovered. Sitemap's characteristics allow you as a webmaster to point out how regularly you update the web pages. It works fine for relatively new sites and ones with fewer backlinks. You can quickly build and update a sitemap. The typical options are the two plugins: WordPress SEO by Yoast and Google XML Sitemaps.

Categories and Tags

Usually referred as taxonomies, Categories, and Tags play a significant role in increasing the engagement and traffic. The improper use of these taxonomies can make WP site less user-friendly. The reason is that mainly a site category serves as the table of content and tags as the site's index. Taxonomies result as the sound impact of the keywords that which are again crucial for your website.

Canonical URL Defining

Rather than waiting for Google to discover which version of your page is intended to index and rank, you can deal with this issue by anchoring a canonical URL. It is a manageable process in easy three steps - introducing WP what URL describes your site; fixing the URL as you want it in the choices of Google Search Console; using the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast to set each and every canonical URL of the website. You can take assistance from Custom WordPress Development firm that will guide you in configuring plugins in best possible way.

The CTR Features of Your Posts

Be ensured where the users are seeing you’re in process post. The rest is to recommend what they are going to see by telling Google how to report it. You can optimize the following simply by using a plugin like Add Meta Tags or the popular WordPress SEO by Yoast. These plugins give you the power of the content visible on the results page - the titles and the description of the web page.

A customized Meta title will fetch a text that will be available in the SERPs in the position of any heading you choose for the post onsite. Moreover, it will lead to a better click-through rate when your description is more than a casual sequence of sentences.


For a very long time, people are only using the default URL structure: /?p=23. Not only is this worse your SEO, but it also lets your user experience bad. When you install WordPress, be sure to update the permalink structure in the Settings » Permalinks. If you Hire Wordpress Developer, then make sure that he is using the most suitable plugin for your website.


The worst mistake is not having appropriate knowledge about the platform which you are using. WordPress is coming with new plugins and optimized solutions every day. And the best way is to keep up the website with latest updates and solutions.