Seamless Ways to Integrate WordPress Blog on Magento eCommerce Store


The article features the integration of Magento as an eCommerce store and WordPress as the blog. It describes the utilization of both the platforms on the same website. In brief, how we can merge both the efficient platforms Magento eCommerce store and WordPress blog together for creating an astounding internet site. Both the platforms are customizable, the prominent blogging platform is well known as a great WordPress development and the online store platform is efficient eCommerce Magento development.

Merging Both the Platforms on the same site

One of the accessible ways to integrate both the platforms on the same website is to install one of them in the root folder of the site, and other in a sub-folder as per your preference. Things are easier for the configuration if you install both the platforms in a single database. For both the platforms only you need to use a separate database table prefix. It will let you quickly identify the tables. You can also use two different databases. Only you need to take care of the configuration.

  1. Magento Extension - Magento WordPress Integration

Magento WordPress Integration - the Magento extension is a free one for WordPress Integration developed by FishPig. Using this extension we need to ensure, both the platforms are installed in two separate directories. One may be the root directory, and other the sub-directory or both may be in two different sub-directories. Once you install both, and then proceed to install the Magento WordPress Integration extension.

Once you finish extension installation, configure it accurately so it can link and merge with the WordPress blog into the theme of Magento Platform. To accomplish the task, login the Magento admin panel. On the top of navigation panel select “WordPress”->“Settings.” Add the WordPress database details, the desired blog URL and the path of WordPress installation folder on the "Settings" page. By doing this, you can perform Magento installation fit for WordPress.

Next, you need to log in the WordPress Dashboard. On the side navigation panel, select “Settings”->“General.” You will find two URL choice, - “WordPress Address (URL) “and “Site Address (URL).” Just you need to modify the “Site Address (URL)” rightly which you previously set on the Magento "Settings" page.

All done, now quickly access the WordPress blog as per the configured URL. Moreover, WordPress to display the blog will employ the Magento theme.

  1. WordPress Plugin - Magento WordPress Integration

The notion of this plugin is comparatively pretty simpler. Comparison thought is general; Magento WordPress Integration is a WordPress plugin, which you need to install on the WordPress blog. With this plugin, you can incorporate several Magento blocks- the modules or the sections in any place of the WordPress theme.

First, install the plugin to use it and further activate using “WordPress Dashboard”->“Plugins”->“Add New”. Now configure it, using: “WordPress Dashboard”->“Settings”->“Mage/WP”. Now follow below to set 3 prominent things –

  • PHP Path: Here you need to insert the complete absolute path of Mage.php file. This file is a Magento configuration file which you can found below the “app” folder under the installation directory of Magento.
  • Package Name: You need to set here the package title of the Magento installation. It is “default” or “base” generally most of the time. But it also may be different in some cases.
  • Theme Name: Here you need to set the title of the Magento theme. Most of the time, the theme files are frequently present in the “default” folder under “/MagentoRoot/app/design/frontend/.” But, it may also differ depending on the theme. So keep an eye.

Once you suitably set the above options, fetch and display any Magento blocks - the header, the footer, or the left, right, or the top menu in the WordPress theme.


The above two - the extension and the plugin, one for Magento and one for WordPress, are the best available free add-ons to seamlessly merge Magento eCommerce store with WordPress blog in a single website. As per your choice, you can select any one of them. Ensure that both the cases of Magento and WordPress are installed on the same server. The above options will not accomplish merge if both platforms are installed on two separate servers.

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How to Secure your Magento Ecommerce Website?


Since Magento is one of the widely used eCommerce platforms, it comes under the highest number of attacks from hackers or spammers who may get inside your website to steal your customer's confidential information and conduct phishing campaigns. Today, most site owners prefer Magento eCommerce development for creating their website. Being a business owner, you must consider several significant things in order to safeguard your e-store.

Though Magento comes with a large number of security features, there is always more that can be performed to safeguard your website from hackers and other online attacks. Here some of the best tips to secure your Magento website:

Secure Your Local.xml File

Local.xml is an important file that comprises of several kinds of sensitive data that include the database credentials and encryption key. So, keeping local.xml file disclosed to the public can become a serious problem for your e-commerce website. In order to check out the visibility setting for your Magento Store's local.xml file, you should visit If your file is visible to the public, you can block the web access to the whole app directory. Or, you can change the file permissions for local.xml to 600(-rw).

Always Use a Strong Password

One of the easiest ways of safeguarding your Magento website from hackers is using a strong yet long password that must have at least 15 characters. Moreover, your password should be the combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. Avoid using your name, birthdate, friend’s name, etc. You can also use a password manager application in order to generate a secure password for your website. Besides, it is advised to change your password on a regular basis.

Upgrade Your Magento Store to Latest Stable Version

By using the latest version of Magento, you get the advanced security features offered for the e-commerce development. Run your website on latest Magento version will resolve all loopholes that make hackers attack your Magento store.

Always Use Most Recent Version of Your Operating System

Software upgrades don't only provide you with new features but also eliminate the security vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to use the current version of your operating system that will ensure that your work is secured for both Magento as well as the server software.

Choose a Good Hosting Provider

Always choose a secure hosting provider. Make sure that provider is reliable and secure. Moreover, do enough research about the hosting service and prior security attacks associated with it. Many hosting services might not be well prepared to prevent hacking attacks.

Don’t Save Your Password on Your Browser or Computer

It is the most basic consideration that you must be remembered. Never save you password on your PC or laptop in a plain text format. If you really need to store your password, then use a password manager application instead of saving it on your computer or browser. The password managers store passwords in an encrypted format which makes it difficult for the hackers to decrypt.

By following all these important tips, you will be able to secure your Magento website. If you are looking forward to create your ecommerce store, then always go with the reliable Magento Ecommerce development company.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2016


The best solution to guard your WordPress website against losing all your data is to have a regular backup. Backups give you an assurance against hackers, malware attack, and server crash. Fortunately, there are a number of WordPress plugins available in the market without any cost, which can back up your pages, posts, product description, and everything which you have on your website.

Many WordPress hosting services don’t really provide complete backup services, but it is the sole responsibility of the site owner itself. One should not completely rely on the hosting providers for backups.  If you are one of the people who are not backing up his WordPress website regularly, then you should opt one of the best WordPress backup plugins and implement them to your site.

VaultPress- VaultPress was created by the co- founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg 5 years ago. This plugin can provide a real-time backup solution to your website at very affordable costs like $5 / month. It is recommended by a number of users and developers because of its security and spam protection features.  Vaultpress is renowned as it provides daily backups with easier review and threat fixing.

UpdraftPlus Backup- It is one of the most popular backup plugin available for WordPress.  UpdraftPlus can help you to have a backup of your WordPress files to the cloud with Amazon S3, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud and Dropbox, etc. It has a premium version as well; that offers a huge amount of backup storage on its vault, various backup options, ability to create a clone of the database and secure FTP.

WP-DB-Backup- WP-DB-Backup is the known as the on-demand backup for a WordPress website. This plugin has never experienced a great marketing message, but this didn’t hamper its popularity, and it has been downloaded more than a million times. As its name implies, WP-DB-Backup creates a backup of your database not in the files.

BackUpWordPress- This plugin is a complete WordPress backup plugin which allows automatic scheduling support. Backupwordpress enables you to have different schedules for backing up of your files and database. It is a useful plugin for WordPress site users, but one of its problems is that the free version does not store WordPress backup in the cloud storages. If one needs to store its data in Google drive and dropbox, they have to purchase the premium version of BackUpWordPress.

Duplicator- As its name suggest, duplicator is the backup solution as well as it creates a duplicate version of the entire WordPress site.  It is a very robust backup solution that gives the user an opportunity to copy, migrate create a clone of the website from one to another location.

Backing up your website is critical these days, it saves your data from hackers, malware, and server down threat. Every WordPress backup plugin has its own pros and cons; the best choice for one depends on upon the requirement of a user. Some are easy to use, other offers real-time backup and some create the clone for a particular WordPress website.

Author bio:

Kathy Johnson is a professional WordPress Developer and currently working with Baymediasoft, a renowned Custom WordPress Website Development Company. SHe loves sharing information regarding mobile app development and Custom WordPress development.stuff.

Top Best 5 Tips on Choosing the WordPress Finest Hand-Picked Plugins 2016


Searching for a shopping cart? Facing difficulty settling between two shopping carts despite understanding the fact that they are implemented in distinct languages? This point is a never ending puzzle; for one dealing on WordPress. As there are a plenty of shopping carts available in the WordPress Market today, it can be truly challenging reaching the verdict which shopping cart would ultimately occur to be the absolute for you. Picking a WordPress plugin is a hassling process.

Hence before picking a WordPress plugin, you should consider many parameters, and you should be well prepared to ensure the site's functionality. Replacing a WordPress plugin is or might be a cumbersome action. The plugin might also risk the safety of your WordPress base or even breaks it.

WordPress Plugin - The Download

It is always recommended, and you must download the WordPress plugin from the authorized directory of WordPress plugins. Over 20 thousand plugins are available in the WordPress directory. When you download a WordPress plugin from the directory, make sure that the plugin you chose to install on your WordPress is on the level. Every day from the WordPress plugin directory, thousands of plugins gets downloaded so if there is something is not working with any one of the plugins, people complaints, and the problem gets fixed.

Downloading the WordPress plugin from the WordPress directory for plugins you automatically receive the notification when an update is available for the plugin and it is also very simple to update the plugin preventing the website to suffer the downtime.

Only and only if the plugin is paid for WordPress you need to download it from a third party site and that also when the plugin is only available on that website. You can also take help from WordPress Development Company to download and configure the verified plugins that best suits your website.

WordPress Plugin - Picking the Best one

Do notice that when you look for any plugin, several plugins are available which fit your requirement, thus selecting the appropriate plugin is tough. So when you are completely done with your requirement, start exploring the WordPress plugin directory, and pick 5 plugins which you find the best suit your needs and then use given below tips to choose the finest one.

#1 WordPress Plugins – The Download Count

The first most thing you need to see is that download count of the WordPress plugin. The stronger the download count, more the popular plugin is. A plugin grows into demand if it is well maintained, works as sponsored and just have few or no issue.

#2 WordPress Plugins – The Ratings

Ratings reflect the quality of WordPress plugin. A WordPress plugin with few or low ratings indicates you the plugin's weak image. A WordPress plugin which receives higher mass consent certainly receives an excellent score. It is advised to eliminate the plugin which has less than three stars, from your choice of plugins.

#3 WordPress Plugins - The Update

There might be a possibility that the plugin author further will not advance the plugin or in the long term, it might not function properly anymore. If you notice that a plugin doesn't get updated for more than a year, you can assume that it is not well maintained. If a plugin is not maintained for more than two years, this is an alert by the WordPress plugin directory. It is not a valid sign as if bugs get detected in this plugin; they might never get fixed.

#4 WordPress Plugins - The Version

A plugin gets outdated and does not work well with the latest versions of WordPress if no update is performed on the plugin. Although usually, WordPress plugin works fine on the most recent releases, the author never upgrades the plugin details to exhibit this.

#5 WordPress Plugins - The Support

For every WordPress plugin page, a ‘View Support Forums’ button is available. On clicking this, you'll find what users typically post feedback about the plugin, the complaints, and the flaw reports. Mostly the prominent and popular ones also have their forum pages, be sure you check them as well.  The forum also indicates if the author is active and responds to issues and feedback, and the author shows interest in the plugin updates and maintenance. You can take help or hire WordPress developer to get the right support for your website.


It is essential to see that if a WordPress plugin does not meet all the above conditions, it necessarily doesn't means the plugin is a bad option to go. It might happen that the plugin is new or necessarily the mass does not require it. Though from our expertise, the more popular one is, the more frequent updated one and the one with more feedback.

The best WordPress photo gallery plugins for 2016


Nowadays, there is barely a lack of WordPress gallery plugins in the market.  All of them offer amazing features that can improve the display of images on a website. They enable to have 3D displays by adding lightboxes as well.  Some of them are highly functional, and some are minimalistic, some are easy to learn, and some have a steep learning curve, some are free, and some are available for premium only.

If you are looking for a WordPress photo gallery plugin for your business website, and tired of searching through thousands of WordPress gallery plugins seeking for the best one. Here in this article, the best WordPress photo gallery plugins are mentioned based on their performance, ease of use, speed, and other features.

List of best WordPress photo gallery plugins for 2016:

Upfront – Upfront is technically a WordPress theme, it allows to customize a site including the content and design. You can create a beautiful gallery in seconds with it; you just need to drag simply and drop the gallery element. It enables you to alter everything such as borders, captions, and thumbnail settings. You can go for reliable WordPress Development Company that will help you in integrating photo gallery plugin in the best way possible.

Envira Gallery- Envira is a premium plugin that has grown very fast because of its looks and well-thought workflow. It can make it super easy to manage and display the gallery across a website. One of its benefits is that it is very compatible across various devices and browsers as well.  You can add pin it buttons, enable full-screen mode, allow protection from downloaders, and so on.

NextGen Gallery- It is hands down the widely used photo gallery plugin. One can easily add images to this gallery from server folder, media library or a computer. It allows uploading and management of image galleries in batch, editing of thumbnails and enables to turn group galleries into albums.  It has some additional features like –

  • Watermarking
  • Lightboxes
  • Slideshows
  • Pinterest style galleries

Social Gallery- If a business owner has a promotional strategy where social sharing and customer engagement is an important part of it, then social gallery plugin is the best choice. It has a fast and responsive lightbox plugin which offers many quality features like easy install wizard, 40+ CSS 3 animations, and transitions, color and image customization, Facebook integration for comments, etc.  It supports various browsers and works with 90% of WordPress themes. You can take help or hire WordPress developer to get the right support for your website.

Thumbnail Gallery- It is a premium plugin, so one have to pay for experiencing an amazingly responsive and customizable look for his WordPress website. Thumbnail gallery is compatible with all browsers & devices; its AJAX powered plugin allows a person to insert unlimited galleries. Its key features consist of social sharing integration, responsive layout, buttons to add YouTube and other video embeds.

Are you looking for a WordPress Gallery Plugin for your business website? You have a number of plugins available in the market, but with choice come confusion as well. This above article takes a closer look at the best WordPress photo gallery plugin in 2016.

5 WordPress Overlooked Features Which Can Make Your Website Unproductive


Are you ensured that with your writing skills and flawless design abilities you can make your WP blog the next big thing? Just featuring trending topics, finding impressive images and incorporating the social media will spread the word that you want to get the buzz.

Often, Small WordPress attribute casts big a shadow which is crucial for boosting the rankings of your posts or on the opposite, lose the benefit and remain unseen. Usually, it is all about overlooking opportunities that can leverage your high visibility on the search engines.

Here are some essential WP features which you shouldn't overlook:

XML Sitemap

As Google clearly indicates, sitemaps are directing the search engine for page crawling. Furthermore, missing a sitemap means that some of your site's pages can remain undiscovered. Sitemap's characteristics allow you as a webmaster to point out how regularly you update the web pages. It works fine for relatively new sites and ones with fewer backlinks. You can quickly build and update a sitemap. The typical options are the two plugins: WordPress SEO by Yoast and Google XML Sitemaps.

Categories and Tags

Usually referred as taxonomies, Categories, and Tags play a significant role in increasing the engagement and traffic. The improper use of these taxonomies can make WP site less user-friendly. The reason is that mainly a site category serves as the table of content and tags as the site's index. Taxonomies result as the sound impact of the keywords that which are again crucial for your website.

Canonical URL Defining

Rather than waiting for Google to discover which version of your page is intended to index and rank, you can deal with this issue by anchoring a canonical URL. It is a manageable process in easy three steps - introducing WP what URL describes your site; fixing the URL as you want it in the choices of Google Search Console; using the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast to set each and every canonical URL of the website. You can take assistance from Custom WordPress Development firm that will guide you in configuring plugins in best possible way.

The CTR Features of Your Posts

Be ensured where the users are seeing you’re in process post. The rest is to recommend what they are going to see by telling Google how to report it. You can optimize the following simply by using a plugin like Add Meta Tags or the popular WordPress SEO by Yoast. These plugins give you the power of the content visible on the results page - the titles and the description of the web page.

A customized Meta title will fetch a text that will be available in the SERPs in the position of any heading you choose for the post onsite. Moreover, it will lead to a better click-through rate when your description is more than a casual sequence of sentences.


For a very long time, people are only using the default URL structure: /?p=23. Not only is this worse your SEO, but it also lets your user experience bad. When you install WordPress, be sure to update the permalink structure in the Settings » Permalinks. If you Hire Wordpress Developer, then make sure that he is using the most suitable plugin for your website.


The worst mistake is not having appropriate knowledge about the platform which you are using. WordPress is coming with new plugins and optimized solutions every day. And the best way is to keep up the website with latest updates and solutions.

Top 5 Social Media Plugins for WordPress- 2016

If you want your website to gain higher ranking in SEO, then it is necessary to achieve higher traffic on your WordPress site. But, it is not so easy to come up with a highly established website as many competitors are there in the online market. So exposure to social media is a must for targeting a large number of users, and this could be achieved if you add on the social media buttons to the your blogs or business website which serves as a link for the visitor to visit the page on these social media.

The social media plugin helps to add icons to the website or blog to make user connect to the page which has been built on any social media sites that include RSS, Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and many more social media platforms.

The below-mentioned plugins reveals the social media icons in the reformative way that will help you to connect to the users and achieve high ROI:

Monarch: This plugin in WordPress helps to display social media sharing buttons in floating bar, in a pop-up or on a fly-in box at the bottom of each page. This plugin supports more than 20 social media networks. It allows you to choose various icon styles, shapes, and colors. In this, an option is built up displaying the total number of shares next to each icon.

Social share buttons: This plugin comes up with customization options. The features comprising are different setting pages, various built-in templates, 12 icon sets, different counter styles and customize templates for various pages.

Shareaholic: This plugin offers customization of sharing buttons individually from above and below the contents of posts, pages, and homepage. The customizer modifies the position, layout, size, counter and alignment of the share button.

Jetpack: This is one of the most versatile WordPress plugins that includes 34 modules. It handles nine social media networks, email, and print buttons. The plugins display various icons on the homepage like text icons and official sharing buttons, and these icons can also be viewed on archives, search result, posts, and pages. Thus, this plugin provides simple sharing solution and takes some time to configure.

Mashshare: This is fantastic social media plugin and its free version supports Facebook & Twitter that accounts the total number of shares and views. The sharing bar is shown on above and below the posts, pages. A subscription box is also available, and its contents can be configured using the WordPress editor. You can link the subscribe button directly to the URL.

The following plugin is used on the WordPress site to give the website huge exposure. All these plugins make the website more fashionable and eye-catching.

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